Women’s Charity Sends Heartfelt Update on its Progress

The DRI Foundation recently made a donation to the People’s Mercy Foundation, a Uganda-based NGO committed to helping its community. Recently the head of the organization reached out with an important update.

“So glad to inform you that 50 vulnerable women have already been rescued giving them a more certain future,” writes Kalungi Michael, PMF Chairperson. “They have been provided with personal care items, paid their rent and healthcare bills, bought food and have also established small income generating activities for their continuity. The funds you so generously donated to our charity are making a difference here!”

“Allow me once more to sincerely thank you once again from the heart with the project,” they continue. “We [continue our rescue efforts] as well as our additional attempts to make lives of women here better!”

The People’s Mercy Foundation is aimed at improving the welfare of women and girls through education. The organization also engages in advocacy and child development. This donation was made by the Foundation on behalf of the Women in BCM Committee.

The DRI Foundation is proud to support such nonprofit organizations building resilience in their communities. 100 percent of the money collected will go to small, local organizations that are an integral part of their communities. Click here to donate.