Women in Business Continuity Management

WBCM Committee, DRI International

About WBCM

The DRI Foundations Women in Business Continuity Management (WBCM) community provides female business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery professionals with learning and networking opportunities. It also has an equal and much deeper purpose – a forum for women supporting women!

WBCM’s goals are to:

    • Bring women together to forge strong personal networks and assist women in advancing within their chosen fields.
    • Explore and recommend specific actions and strategies to serve the needs of women in these professions.

WBCM Executive Committee
The WBCM is led by the Executive Committee, made up of business continuity professionals representing a range of industries within the field.

Mitzi Harlor, Chair
Robyn Kimbro, Vice-Chair
Marsha Buehler, Mentorship Lead, International Development Lead
Karina de Allicon, Lead, Scholarships
Aubrey Wade, Programs & Engagement Co-Lead
Melody Wen, Programs & Engagement Co-Lead

Diane Doering, Past Chair and Advisor
Camila Pezzutti Domingues Ishikawa, Founder, Latin America and the Caribbean

DRI Foundation Support
Many thanks are due to the DRI Foundation for creating the WBCM group and providing broad-ranging support that enables our success.

Al Berman, DRI Foundation President
Buffy Rojas, DRI International Director of Communications


If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here to access the application.


Our goal is to connect mentors with mentees. According to the 2017 DRI WBCM white paper, 45% of respondents identified the lack of a mentor as one of the biggest challenges to entering the field.  45% have never had a professional mentor, and 53% have never been mentors.

Request a Mentor

Please click here to access the application to request a professional mentor and provide some information about yourself.

Volunteer to be a Mentor

Being a mentor can be deeply rewarding – you get to pass along your hard-won lessons learned, help someone new to the profession avoid pitfalls and learn the ropes, and pay back the universe for all the people who helped you in your life.  It can also help your career, as mentorship also allows you to learn from people with different experiences, and demonstrates a commitment to leadership and helping the broader community.

Please click here to access the application to offer your service as a mentor and provide some information about yourself.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing
WBCM’s most important intellectual capital is you. From leveraging your practical know-how to showcasing the instinctive skills that have paved the way for your success, WBCM is committed to the goal of helping women in our industry learn from one another’s experiences.

What Do You Want to Learn About?
Stay tuned for periodic surveys.  WBCM wants your priorities to drive our efforts to bring you speakers, events, and opportunities based on what you want to learn about and share.  

We very much encourage you to consider sharing your knowledge, whether that’s hosting a training session, writing an article, or sharing best-practice methodology.  Please send ideas on what you can contribute here.

Download WBCM’s white paper, surveys, and presentations on women in the business continuity field from the DRI Resource Library. Select the “Women in BCM” tag to view the materials. Click here to access the DRI Resource Library.

WBCM Scholarship for Women

Helping women succeed in a new career

DRI Foundation’s Women in Business Continuity Management (WBCM) scholarship helps propel women into professional jobs in the field of business continuity management. Training is held in cities across the country as well as virtually.

About the WBCM scholarship

DRI offers training in cities around the country, and that training not only teaches the basics of business continuity, but also prepares professionals to get industry certifications like Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP) or Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP). The scholarship is a voucher for DRI’s BCLE 2000 (Business Continuity Planning) workshop and exam, held virtually as well as in cities across the world. In this workshop, you will be trained in the core practices of business continuity and how to execute best practices in different organizations. At the end of the training, you will have the knowledge to take the exam for one of DRI’s professional certifications.

Requirements for the scholarship

Learn more about the WBCM Scholarship for Women including the requirements, information needed to complete the application, and support after training.
WBCM Scholarship for Women

WBCM Scholarship for Women Application 

If you meet the requirements and are interested in stepping into a new field and taking this worthwhile challenge, please follow the link below to submit your application.

Apply for the WBCM Women Scholarship


For more information contact WBCM@driif.org or call (646) 619-3599.
Thank you for your interest in the Women in Business Continuity Management Committee.