Veterans Outreach Program

Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship

Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship

Disaster Recovery International (DRI) Foundation is committed to helping our veterans succeed. To do our part, the Foundation has created a Veterans Outreach Program to help our Veterans realize their dreams and help both themselves and their respective organizations achieve great success as they transition into the professions of emergency response, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

The Veterans Outreach Program’s focus is to establish an industry-first “giving-back” scholarship program to active duty or recently separated (within five years) veterans of our United States Military. The scholarship will include, at no cost to qualified candidates, admission to Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) educational course (BCLE 2000), all course materials, qualifying examination, and all applicable certification application fees. These certifications are the standards of excellence in business continuity management and will help the candidate to stand out as a job candidate in this competitive field. Certifications acknowledge an individual’s effort to achieve a professional level of competency in the industry.

The Foundation is making every effort to ensure an impartial and objective awards process. Toward this end, all references to the applicant’s actual identity will be removed and applications will be judged by an independent committee from the Veterans Outreach Program consisting of non-DRI staff, a majority being former military are DRI members, board members, commission/committee members and contractors.

We encourage all interested veterans to apply following the guidelines listed below. We look forward to veterans joining our ranks.

Thank you,

Alan Berman
DRI Foundation

 About the Program

Emmy Award-winning actress Patricia Heaton provides this introduction to the DRI Foundation’s Veterans Outreach Program created to help our Veterans realize their dreams and help both themselves and their respective organizations achieve great success as they transition into the professions of emergency response, crisis management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. In the long version of this video, you’ll also hear from actual veterans who are being helped by this program, as they explain in their own words the value of a DRI education as they pursue private-sector employment.

About the Scholarship

  • Each selected candidate will be offered a place in a DRI International class in near proximity to their current location.
  • The scholarship will entitle each selected candidate to attend a DRI International credentialing class, take the qualifying examination and if they successfully pass the examination, complete the application and associated experience essay requirements needed to become certified.

Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship Application Instructions

Please read the Application Instructions for detailed instructions and information required to complete the Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship application.

Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship Application

Please complete the Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship Application if you meet the described qualifications and are interested in applying for the Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship.


Our goal is to connect mentors with mentees.  According to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veterans in the Workplace study, a veteran mentorship program:

  • Forms a voluntary one-on-one relationship between a junior Veteran employee and a senior mentor (preferably someone with military experience)
  • Assists the Veteran employee with his or her personal and professional growth in an organization
  • Focuses on helping the Veteran employee adjust to the civilian workplace culture and reach his or her full potential within the organization

Request a Mentor

Please click here to access the application to request a professional mentor and provide some information about yourself.

Volunteer to be a Mentor

Being a mentor can be deeply rewarding – you get to pass along your hard-won lessons learned, help someone new to the profession avoid pitfalls and learn the ropes, and pay back the universe for all the people who helped you in your life.  It can also help your career, as mentorship also allows you to learn from people with different experiences, and demonstrates a commitment to leadership and helping the broader community.

Please click here to access the application to offer your service as a mentor and provide some information about yourself.

Veterans Outreach Program Committee

Visit the Leadership page to learn more about the Veterans Outreach Program Committee members.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does one apply for the scholarship?

An application must be completed to apply for the scholarship. Please see the application completion directions to fill out the application.

What is the DRI Foundation Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship and who is eligible?
The scholarship is awarded to active military and honorably discharged veterans.

For what can the scholarship be used?
DRI International Business Continuity (BCLE 2000) education course, examination, and certification application

Will travel and lodging to class locations be covered?
Veterans who utilize their GI Bill to cover the cost of the education course may be eligible to have travel expenses covered. Meals are covered for all attendees.

How will the winner of the scholarship be determined?
Completed applications will have all identification removed and will be reviewed by an independent committee.  The committee will make its determination based on service record, volunteerism activities, and an essay.  The decision of the committee is final.

Where can I find more information on transitioning from military to civilian?
Learn how to start preparing for Interviews, Mentoring Tips, Social Media Tips, and quick reference on Military to Civilian Translations.


For more information contact or call (646) 619-3599.
Thank you for your interest in the Veterans Outreach Program.

What scholarship recipients are saying about the Veterans Outreach Scholarship Program


“The course content and materials were well prepared and organized.  The subjects covered were outstanding and very pertinent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced in all subjects within this course.  DRI’s capability to provide the scholarship greatly enhanced my…

Richard S.

“The class content was excellent.  The instructor’s teaching strategy was also conducive to effective learning.”

Larry A.

“The scholarship opportunity for veterans is amazing and greatly appreciated.  The course itself was great!  It is an excellent course for those looking to expand beyond their current technical skillset and into an area applicable to almost any business scenario. …

Norman H.

“Great course, very useful information.  Thank you DRI for the opportunity!!!”

Julio E., CBCP

“This course was a great eye-opener into the world of corporate America.  The instructor broke everything down…and offered additional assistance to ensure I understood the course material and how to apply it to the job market. The course was far…

Ezell M.

“Thank you for providing this opportunity to military service members. This is an outstanding business continuity course that not only prepares veterans for the civilian workforce environment but also gives us the certification that opens recruiter’s eyes and gives vets…

Rhoden G.

“Thank you for the opportunity and scholarship for this course.  This is another way to take years of experience and knowledge and bring value to the corporate and business world, while supporting a worthwhile mission and taking care of business…

Joseph M.

“Great course – very well run.  Thank you for the scholarship and education opportunity.”

Warren S.

“The instructor was extremely helpful …his field experience gave him the street credit needed for teaching seasoned Veteran professionals. All questions asked were promptly / effectively answered. The instructor didn’t rush through any the of materials and his experience as a…

Gary H.

“Outstanding course.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity.”

Tonijia B.

“The instructor is a passionate, knowledgeable professional that is well versed in business continuity concepts, strategies, and procedures.  He effectively utilized instructional methods familiar to current and former military members (talk-through and by-the-numbers).  I would highly recommend the expansion of this…

Jata J., CBCP

“Probably one of the best courses I have ever attended that has so much information and an awesome instructor to be able to translate most information so military folks can understand. For someone who has not really thought about Corporate…

Sherwin S.

“The instructor was the best. This course covered everything I needed to know and more. I’m getting job offers that are $50-$70K+ more than I was previously making within a week.”

Dominique S.