Foundation Giving for Family Needs, From Food to Diapers, in the Greater Los Angeles Area

The DRI Foundation is proud provide a $1,000 donation to the Open Arms Food Pantry and Resource Center in its mission to assist families in need throughout the Los Angeles County area. 

Open Arms serves some 20,000 Southern California residents annually, who are challenged with unemployment, displaced workers, homelessness, veterans challenged with PTSD, those who are disabled, and transitional age youth.

It provides a complete nutritious boxed meal package for children to enjoy while receiving the nourishment that they need most to stay healthy and focused as well as a year-round diaper bank for those with infants.

Discussing the Foundation’s donation, Executive Director Myeta Perdomo said, “We hope to continue to decrease the percentage of food insecurity amongst school-aged youth ages 2-16 by offering easy, safe, healthy lunch and dinner meals (complete with juices, milk, organic veggies, fruits, pastas and pre-cooked foods), diapers, and essentials for accommodating households that fall within LMI guidelines.”

The DRI Foundation is proud to support such nonprofit organizations building resilience in their communities. 100 percent of the money collected will go to small, local organizations that are an integral part of their communities. Click here to donate.