WBCM Scholarship Spotlight: Angel Roebuck, ABCP

Angel Roebuck is Emergency Management Liaison Officer for the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Emergency Management, a recipient of the DRI Foundation’s 2021 Women in BCM Scholarship, and as a result, a certified ABCP with DRI International. 

What’s your professional background? How did you get here?
My entire career has reflected my passion to help underrepresented and underserved populations.  I have been working in emergency management for the last 5 years in the areas of preparedness, response, and recovery. My goal for the future includes helping organizations build resiliency so that they can better serve their clients, communities, and stakeholders.

What does DRI certification mean to your life?
A DRI certification will provide me the additional knowledge and resources needed to take the next steps in my emergency management career.

What made you interested in business continuity?
In my opinion as an emergency manager, you are always thinking about business continuity, however it may not always be in the forefront of your planning as many of us are sometimes reactive instead of proactive. My interest in business continuity grew due to the pandemic. The pandemic truly showed how many agencies and organizations did not take business continuity seriously.

Do you have any life experience that makes this field especially compelling?
Yes, I have several close friends who are entrepreneurs and are facing significant financial struggles due to the pandemic. My hope is that as I grow in this field I can better support and educate family and friends on the importance of business continuity.