Crucial Assistance for Families Impacted by Maui Wildfires

The devastating Maui wildfires have left residents of the island in dire need of assistance in all forms. To help those affected, the DRI Foundation has provided a grant to Maui Hui Mālama as part of the Donations After Disasters giving program. 

Maui Hui Mālama provides inspiring educational opportunities and supportive compassionate learning environments that help Maui youth overcome barriers to education, careers, and cultural goals. Its programs include:

  • Liko – Educational assistance to youth ages 5-24 who need additional assistance in meeting their educational goals, including small group tutoring and advocacy communications with schools and teachers
  • Pahono – Partnership with local schools to provide credit recovery and intensive support services for at-risk students, and
  • Youth Entrepreneurship – Created in response to the impact of Covid-19 on the workforce opportunities available to local youth who have an interest in entrepreneurship, exploring career opportunities, and expanding their job skills.

In response to the wildfires, Maui Hui Mālama has also set up a special fund to offer aftercare to local families.

The DRI Foundation is proud to provide support and vital financial assistance to such non-profit organizations, to aid their missions in communities where they are needed.