Support For Haitian Families Following Earthquake and Storm Impacts

On Aug. 14, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, causing widespread damage, immediately followed by Tropical Depression Grace two days later, creating additional difficulties for rescue and response teams. As a response, the DRI Foundation has provided financial support to the Family Action Network Movement, which works to support women and families in Haiti. 

Family Action Network Movement (FANM) was founded in 1991. At the time, FANM stood for “Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc” or “Haitian Women of Miami.” FANM’s goal was to strengthen families through the empowerment of women. Since its inception, FANM has advocated for lower income and marginalized residents and provided them with wrap-around services such as mental health, crisis and domestic violence intervention, counseling, health care access, job training, financial literacy, adult education and afterschool programs.

As part of its work, FANM started the Haiti Relief Fund to support community organizations on the ground with long track records of helping those impacted by this and other regional tragedies. Its intervention efforts continue to focus on education, economic development and health for women and families in the region.

The DRI Foundation is proud to support such nonprofit organizations building resilience in their communities. 100 percent of the money collected will go to small, local organizations that are an integral part of their communities. Click here to donate.