WBCM Scholarship Spotlight: Isamar Garcia, ABCP

Isamar Garcia is City Membership Coordinator – Volunteer Leader at Team Rubicon, a recipient of the DRI Foundation’s 2020 Women in BCM Scholarship, and as a result, a recently certified ABCP with DRI International. 

What is your professional background? How did you get there?
I have worked in clerical positions and have been trying to get into the field of emergency management and business continuity. I was contacted by Leah Sawyer from the WBCM Committee, who mentioned DRI offering scholarships to women who are interested in entering the field. So, I applied.

What does DRI certification mean to you?
It gives me a new, large network of connections to help propel my future career.

What made you interested in business continuity?
Business continuity lies in tandem with emergency management.

Do you have any life experience that makes this field especially compelling?
This field is particularly compelling because business continuity and emergency management brings calm from chaos. I learned this interesting dance during my undergraduate program in Geology.