Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship Application Instructions

About the Scholarship

  1. Applications are accepted throughout the year.
  2. Confirmations will be sent to applicants within 48 hours of receipt of application
  3. Each selected candidate will be eligible to select a DRI International class BCLE2000 (Business Continuity Planning) in near proximity to their current location
  4. The scholarship will entitle each selected candidate to:
    • Attend the DRI International credentialing class BCLE2000
    • Take the qualifying examination and if they successfully pass the examination
    • Complete the application and associated experience essay requirements needed to become certified
  5. Scholarship must be used within 18 months of receipt of award


Applications will be accepted from:
Active duty military
Veterans who have separated within 5 years
Veterans who received an honorable discharge or
Veterans who received a general discharge under honorable conditions
Veterans who served a minimum of 2 years Active Duty, this includes service in:
Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard
Reserves or National Guard on Title 10 Call-ups
Active Guard/Reserves (AGR)

Application Instructions

  1. Please complete all portions of the application form
  2. All applications must be signed – this may be done electronically by simply inserting the applicant’s name in the signature block.
  3. Active duty /AGR/ Reserve and National Guard personnel must provide a letter from your commanding officer on official government letterhead. DO NOT send a copy of your common access card.
  4. Veterans provide proof via a DD214; with personal information removed/blacked out
    • Block 1—remove first and middle name (keep the last name)
    • Block 3—remove Social Security Number
    • Block 5—remove Date of Birth
    • Block 7a and b—remove Place of Entry and Home of Record
    • Block 10—remove SGLI Coverage
    • Block 19 a and b—remove Mailing Address and Nearest Relative
    • On reverse side Block 1 and 3—remove first and middle name and Social Security Number
  5. Provide at least two references such as supervisor or another service member
  6. Include a current resume


  • Applications will be received by DRI and assigned an identification number
  • All references to the applicant’s actual identity will be removed to ensure impartial judgment
    Applications will be judged by an independent committee.
  • Applicants will receive a notification email and/or letter informing them whether they have been awarded a scholarship or not within 1 week of the award dates.
    January – March                  April                  May
    April – June                           July                    August
    July – September                 October            November
    October – December          January             February
  • Scholarship recipients have 30 days after award notification to select the BCLE2000 class they wish to attend.
  • Recipients must inform DRI within 30 days of class start if they will not be able to attend the selected class.
  • Recipients attend the selected class and take the exam. If recipients pass the exam they will be provided a code to complete the certification application.
  • The decisions of the judges are final. 

Click here for the application.