Looking Back on Our Volunteer Day at DRI2024 – And What Comes Next

As we look back on DRI2024’s Volunteer Day, we want to thank everyone who ventured out into the marsh of south Louisiana to help rebuild the disappearing coastline. 

Through the Foundation’s partnership with Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL), our volunteers also planted over 500 native Cypress Trees and prepared over 5.51 tons of oyster shells that will be used to rebuild both coastlines and oyster reefs. This helps ensure that there will be a south Louisiana for all of us to enjoy both now and in the future.

The Louisiana coast is an incredibly productive ecosystem largely because of Louisiana’s extensive wetlands. Numerous species of fish, birds and invertebrates inhabit Louisiana’s coastal waters for a portion of their lives, and some reside here for their entire life. Since 1900, Louisiana has lost more than 1 million acres of wetlands and barrier shoreline because of natural processes and human activity. Working with projects like these, our DRI volunteers are really making a difference within the communities that we visit.

As you may not know, many organizations match employee donations (or the tax-deductible component of your membership) to our organization. If you were a 2024 volunteer or plan to volunteer with us in the future, please check to see if your employer may also provide us with a grant to recognize your ongoing support through your employee giving program. For more information, please visit our Ways to Give page.

We want to thank each and every one who assisted us in this very important project and encourage you to volunteer with us in Las Vegas next year at DRI2025.


Bonnie Canal, MBCP
Director of Volunteerism
The DRI Foundation