Giving Focuses on Restaurant Workers After Maui Fires

To assist its post-wildfire disaster relief efforts, the DRI Foundation’s Donations After Disasters program has provided a grant to the Legacy of Aloha Foundation.

Legacy of Aloha is a joint effort of TS Restaurants and Maui Brewing Co., set up to help the scores of residents working in the restaurant and hospitality industries. It was nominated by Steven Heisen, a Maui resident and DRI Certified Professional.

“We are currently fundraising for those affected by the devastating Maui fires,” said Heisen. “We plan to give grants to almost 800 TS Restaurants and Maui Brewing Co. Restaurants employees on Maui, some of whom have lost their homes or been temporarily displaced. Any remaining funds will be given to accredited nonprofits working on the ground in Maui.”

The DRI Foundation is proud to provide support and vital financial assistance to such non-profit organizations, to aid their missions in communities where they are needed.