DRI Foundation Supports Ukrainian Refugee Children in Need

As the war in Ukraine continues, its physical and emotional tolls are impacting its most vulnerable populations. To alleviate suffering, the DRI Foundation is proud to provide support to organizations like World Cares Center. 

“The war in Ukraine has upended the lives of countless citizens in a startlingly short amount of time,” said Al Berman, DRI Foundation President. “As a force for resilience around the world, the DRI Foundation feels a profound responsibility to help the refugees created from this conflict, particularly the children, in any way that we can.”

World Cares Center has been active in Ukraine providing medical clinics, much-needed clothing and supplies, and mental health services. It also conducts desperately needed healing art workshops with children and families in resettlement villages in L’viv, Ukraine in concert with its mobile medical clinics.

To assist this project, the DRI Foundation’s support helped WCC provide backpacks for children filled with art supplies and other important materials.

“On behalf of World Cares Center, our Ukraine team and the survivors in the refugee camps that we will be revisiting, thank you,” said World Cares Center Founder and President Lisa Orloff in a message to the DRI Foundation. “We have begun to coordinate with our program managers on the ground in Ukraine, our partners and the sites that we will be visiting.” The visitation is planned for April 14.

The DRI Foundation is proud to provide support and vital financial assistance to such non-profit organizations, to aid their missions in communities where they are needed.