Updates on the Sierra Leone Wildfire Response from the Be Rose International Foundation

Last year, the Be Rose International Foundation received a grant from the DRI Foundation to support its work helping communities in need in the wake of a wildfire that devastated Sierra Leone. Recently, it sent an update on its progress. 

On Mar. 24, 2021, heavy wind storms led to a wildfire in Freetown slums of Susan’s Bay, Sierra Leone, leaving thousands displaced with more than 100 people injured. Because fire services could not access the area due to overcrowding and poor planning, the entire community burned down. Be Rose staff and volunteers visited the site, only to see people and children fighting for food.

With assistance from the DRI Foundation, Be Rose was able to engage with the community, bringing crucial food and supplies where it was needed. As an update, Be Rose shared a photo collage of its volunteers hard at work.

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The DRI Foundation is proud to support such nonprofit organizations in communities impacted by disasters to provide crucial assistance. 100 percent of the money collected from donors goes to small, local organizations that are an integral part of their communities. Click here to donate.