New CBCP Makes VOP History for Earning Certification in a Combat Zone

As the DRI Foundation’s Veterans Outreach Program continues to connect with and provide scholarships to U.S. military service members, many notable firsts have occurred. “In one of our courses, we had a global class with students separated by 14 time zones,” describes VOP Committee Leader Alan Lake (Col., USAF Ret.). “Three students took the course that were in a combat deployment assignment in Kuwait, Qatar and Korea.”  

In another first for VOP history, a veteran took the course, passed the Qualifying Examination, and applied for and received his CBCP all during his free time while assigned with U.S. forces in a combat zone!

Meet Larry Furlough, a USAF Senior NCO who runs a massive airfield in Qatar. On top of getting his CBCP, he is very anxious to start using his skill set to make a difference for an organization that could use his talents.

Already, he is making armed forces news by mentoring others who are also deployed, just doing what he can to make one small difference. Click here to read more about his experiences via his recent profile in U.S. Air Forces Central.

About the Veterans Outreach Program Scholarship

Disaster Recovery International (DRI) Foundation is committed to helping our veterans succeed. To do our part, the Foundation has created a Veterans Outreach Program to help our Veterans realize their dreams and help both themselves and their respective organizations achieve great success as they transition into the professions of emergency response, crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

The Veterans Outreach Program’s focus is to establish an industry-first “giving-back” scholarship program to active duty or recently separated (within five years) veterans of our United States Military. The scholarship will include, at no cost to qualified candidates, admission to Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI) educational course (BCLE 2000), all course materials, qualifying examination, and all applicable certification application fees. These certifications are the standards of excellence in business continuity management and will help the candidate to stand out as a job candidate in this competitive field. Certifications acknowledge an individual’s effort to achieve a professional level of competency in the industry.

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