WBCM Scholarship Profile: Kelly Maher, ABCP

Kelly Maher is a professional mentor/coach with The Honor Foundation, a recipient of the DRI Foundation’s 2021 Women in BCM Scholarship, and as a result, a certified CBCP with DRI International. 

What’s your professional background? How did you get here?
I am a former US Secret Service Special Agent. I heard about the program from a classmate attending The Tuck School of Business, Tuck Next Step. I already attended courses in Product and Project Management, and have my BS in Biology. I knew with my background in science, investigations, emergency management, intelligence and protection this offered the next level in my professional development. Once I discovered through my connections there was a scholarship to become a CBCP with DRI I knew I had to enroll in this program!

What does DRI certification mean to your life?
The DRI certification gives me the most respected business continuity certification in the world! I look forward to my next career phase combining my knowledge of business continuity, crisis management, and disaster recovery. Obtaining the DRI certification opens new potential opportunities and networking for furthering my professional development.

What made you interested in business continuity?
I realized through various worldwide events and disasters many organizations are left unprepared for business continuity. I joined the US Secret Service shortly after 9/11 and realized with the recent global pandemic many companies were not resilient or were unprepared for operating in a crisis. I wanted to expand my business background by obtaining my CBCP certification.

Do you have any life experience that makes this field especially compelling?
I have been part of recovery from major disasters, operating in foreign countries, multi-agency cooperation, traveling and establishing foreign and domestic visits for candidates, former and current presidents, and major international and domestic cases in the financial sector. I look forward to bringing my diverse background to an organization.