WBCM Scholarship Spotlight: Christina Erdeljohn, ABCP

Christina Erdeljohn is Director of Marketing and a Consultant at Symbiote Cloud Security and Consulting, LLC, and one of the recipients of the 2020 Women in BCM Scholarship from the DRI Foundation, which helped her earn her ABCP certification through DRI International.  

What is your professional background? How did you get there?
My background is in marketing. I made the transition to business continuity through a friend in the BCM business.

What does DRI certification mean to you?
It means a change of pace and a clean slate to start again in a career field that helps people versus manipulate them in to buying something they may or may not need.

 What made you interested in business continuity?
I like the idea of helping people keep their business going no matter what happened around them.

Do you have any life experience that makes this field especially compelling?
I have always been interested in helping businesses during a disaster, especially since I’ve lived in California, which is earthquake and fire country, and in the Midwest, which is tornado and flood country.