DRI Foundation Provides Support for Sonoma Family Meal Following California Wildfires

In the aftermath of the wildfires in California that have devastated local communities, the DRI Foundation has provided a donation to Sonoma Family Meal, a non-profit organization formed in 2017 that provides nutritious, chef-made meals for families impacted by the fires. 

“The recent wildfires are a reminder of what Sonoma County residents experienced in October 2017,” SFM says. “More than 5,000 homes were destroyed in a matter of hours, leaving thousands without a place to live. Though many of us have returned to ‘normal’ life, recovery is a grueling and timely process for fire survivors. Many still live in temporary shelters, like RV’s or vacation rentals, traveling miles to work and school while rebuilding their lives.”

Since its inception, SFM has provided nearly 160,000 meals to those in need, and is working to expand its efforts via education and outreach. It is a part of the ongoing Rebuilding Our Community Sonoma organization, supporting long-term recovery efforts throughout the region.

The DRI Foundation is proud to support such nonprofit organizations in communities impacted by disasters to provide crucial assistance. Click here to learn more about SFM and its plans for the future.