Gilgal Mission Receives DRI Foundation Support for Flood Relief

The DRI Foundation has made a donation to Gilgal Mission India to help with flood relief following the Kerala floods of August 2019.  

On Aug. 8, heavy rainfall in the monsoon season led to severe flooding which affected the state of Kerala in India. 121 residents died, thousands of houses were either completely or partially damaged, and 80 landslides due to the flooding.

Gilgal Mission India’s mission is to bring about practical change and development in society through social activities, awareness and humanitarian efforts to promote unity, build the nation, uplift the poor and restore the dignity of the downtrodden and oppressed. Its primary focus areas are on natural disaster relief, schools and education, and healthcare for children and seniors. The DRI Foundation previously provided assistance to this organization in the wake of the August 2018 Kerala floods.

The DRI Foundation is proud to support such non-profit organizations in communities impacted by disasters and to provide crucial assistance.