Women in BCM Mentorship: Bring Your Expertise to This Exciting Program

In 2018, WBCM rolled out a pilot mentorship program with 10 pairs of mentors/mentees; created a Latin American WBCM chapter based out of São Paulo, Brazil; and published interviews of women for the Spotlight on Women in Business Continuity segment. 

In 2019, the WBCM committee is thrilled to offer mentorship partnerships. It already has 25 pairs of mentors/mentees. Please  consider volunteering as a mentor – you have more knowledge to share than you may realize, and mentorship often provides two-way benefit.

Mentors and mentees meet on a mutually convenient agreed upon cadence to discuss their goals, projects, challenges and triumphs.  Both mentors and mentees share experiences and provide support in today’s fast paced professional environment.

A fun lesson learned from the Brazil chapter: if they meet in person, they take a photo and post it to the group. Consider posting a mentorship picture, if comfortable, and tag it #WBCM. The committee loves to get to see all the sharing of knowledge and thoughts!

Please email WBCMmembership@driif.org and sign up to be a mentor or mentee.