Rebuilding and Resilience: An Update on Namlo’s Work in Nepal

One of the organizations to receive donations from DRI Foundation supporters is Namlo International, which helps build sustainable educational, economic, and nutritional partnerships in vulnerable areas. Most recently, they provided an update on how donations have helped to construct schools in Raghu, Nepal. 

“I wanted to thank you for your support of our mission. Without donors like you we would not have been able to achieve all we have over the past 19 years in Nepal,” said Pete Tierney, President of the Namlo Board of Directors. “We are only months away from finishing construction of our third school, and we continue to be involved in local projects involving education improvement, entrepreneurship, agriculture, health, hygiene, and water. We also have 19 students, mostly females, currently on scholarship. All of these projects and programs are driven by the expressed needs of the local communities we serve.”

“This project provided the community of Raghu a modern, earthquake-resistant, four classroom building for the secondary students,” said Lorena Garcia, Executive Director. “This building also provided new desks that were made in the community. This building will serve 200 students, allowing many of the secondary students to attend school in their own community, whereas before, some students would walk hours to school while others simply didn’t go to school.”

“In addition to the building, this project created 120 local jobs and increased the community’s commitment to education by actively participating in constructing educational infrastructure,” she said. “Parents and community members that do not have a direct stake in the future of education in Raghu all turned out to support the construction. The community also contributed $4,309.80 in in-kind labor towards the construction of the school.”

The DRI Foundation is proud to support non-profit organizations in communities impacted by disasters to provide crucial assistance.