Rebuilding and Resilience: Update on the Woolsey Wildfires

Donations from DRI Foundation supporters have been deployed to help the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation to combat wildfires that started in Woolsey Canyon, CA. Here’s an update from Liz Lin, President of the LAFD Foundation:

“Thank you very much for your donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation. We are grateful for your support of our firefighters and paramedics,” she said. “The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation is the major source of private support for the LAFD. We provide equipment, technology, training, and youth programs that are not included in the city budget. We are partners with the department in protecting life, property, and the environment.”

The DRI Foundation is proud to support non-profit organizations in communities impacted by disasters to provide crucial assistance.

She also provided photos from the recent wildfires that devastated Los Angeles and Ventura counties in November, and the firefighters responding to the disaster:

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