DRI Foundation Sends Help in the Midst of Hurricane Florence

In September 2018, Hurricane Florence dropped record levels of rainfall on North and South Carolina, causing widespread flooding and damage, displacing people from their homes in the weeks that followed.

The DRI Foundation identified Seacoast Church, a nonprofit community organization in the region that had started helping almost immediately, handing out water and snacks to people stuck in traffic for up to five hours on the highway in front of the church, all while volunteers’ own homes and families were also impacted by the storms.

The Foundation provided financial support as Seacoast took on the hard work of acting as a disaster relief distribution center for victims of the hurricane. Volunteer teams prepared boxes of food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, diapers, and other immediate needs to those in need, and went on to help clean out houses as the flood waters receded, while making further plans to help gut and repair properties hit hardest throughout the Carolinas as part of its recovery efforts.