DRI Foundation Brings Vital Needs to Kerala, India Flood Victims

August 2018 saw severe floods from monsoon season hit Kerala in south India – the worst floods in nearly a century, killing over 483 people and displacing at least one million more. Donations from the DRI Foundation’s valuable supporters allowed it to provide much needed assistance.  

Due to an unusually heavy monsoon season, Kerala saw 35 of its 54 dams opened, while heavy rains caused severe landslides that left the hilly districts isolated. In all, one sixth of the total population of Kerala were directly affected by the flooding and its aftermath.

To provide crucial aid in the aftermath, the DRI Foundation donated financial support to Gilgal Mission India, a non-governmental organization devoted to humanitarian efforts in the region. It provided clothes, food items, rice packets and drinking water to many families in crucial need of assistance, though the work is ongoing.