Clyde’s Corner

Volunteer Day 4You don’t need to be a business continuity or emergency preparedness specialist to recognize that disasters have had a dramatic impact on people around the globe. Outages of far more increasing occurrence and magnitude make front page news more than we were used to in the past. Blame it on global warming, the 24-hour news cycle, or the advent of social media reporting that we are aware and informed of the many types of incidents, outages, and disasters that befall people and communities of all ethnic backgrounds and all nationalities. Here at home this year in the U.S., we have seen wildfires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and computer outages that impact the lives of so many. It hardly matters why the disasters occur…only that they do…and ultimately people need our help. We only need to be human to feel the pain of those who have lost loved ones, homes, possessions, and entire communities/towns.

Being human is all it takes to give us the capacity and determination both mentally and physically to help where we can to alleviate some of the pain of loss or lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. Being fortunate within our own particular situations, as many of us really are, we also have the ability to help financially as appropriate as well.   And give we do. We are a nation of giving people. No matter your political views, ethnic background, religion, where you come from, or your family or work background, we are a nation with immense compassion, with the desire and enormous energy to help when help is needed.

With all that said, please know that your Disaster Recovery International Foundation was created with that spirit of goodness and compassion in mind. We have done much in our five-and-a-half years of existence; not the least of which has been our five volunteer days held during our conferences each year. I am proud to have orchestrated those very successful days and proud to currently have the title of Director of Volunteerism for this 4 14 2014 Volunteer Day Makesorganization of profoundly caring people. Clearly, we can always do more, and I know that many of you give generously of your time, energy, and expertise to volunteer to causes in your communities. Please keep that up as the need has never been greater. Be involved, be committed, be generous; and continue caring in the quiet and humble ways in which I know that you currently are. Support those causes you believe in deeply. Get your hands dirty and make the lives of others better through your work.

February 25, 2017 is but a half year away. That is the date for our next Volunteer Day as associated with the DRI conference in Las Vegas. Meaningful work experiences are being developed by your Foundation and will most probably include a half day of work at a local food bank as in the past and work with local veterans groups in Nevada. Be a part of this volunteer experience. Share your energy, your desire to make the lives of others a little better…and share a smile and a hug. It’s your power of caring and sharing that has made my job so rewarding over the years.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do and the support you show me each time you wear your DRI Foundation T-shirt.

All the best,