The DRI Foundation Donates to Higher Dimension Church for Texas Flood Relief


Director of Outreach Anthony Pizzitola (center right) presents the check to Pastor John Johnson, Katy Campus Pastor (left)  at the Higher Dimension Church.

DRI’s Houston, TX  Collegiate Conference in April, a networking and educational event which benefits the DRI Foundation, coincided with flooding in northern Texas that caused damage to several communities. Following the conference, the DRI foundation donated $2,000 to Higher Dimension Church, a local charity that worked with the surrounding Katy Community to help the residents that were affected by the flood get back on their feet.

“As part of our Houston Collegiate Conference we sought out an organization to help contend with the ravages of flooding in North Houston. Bill Kearney, ABCP, who won the Newcomer of the Year award at DRI2016 referred the Higher Dimension Church,” said Al Berman, president of DRI.

The DRI Foundation spoke with Pastor John Johnson, Katy Campus Pastor to learn more about what the Higher Dimension Church does and how the donation served to help the Katy community.

Can you tell us about the contributions of the Higher Dimension Baptist Church for community resilience?

Higher Dimension is committed to taking meaningful and intentional actions by helping the community reestablish stability after a stressful event. Actions include but are not limited to financial support, emotional support, identifying community resources, family distress, and loss of loved ones and/or necessities.

How did the Higher Dimension Church use the donation to provide relief for the affected communities?

The Katy Community Initiative was to help Katy residents and homeless who were significantly affected by storm floods in the month of May. Although news coverage highlighted flooding in greater Houston, the city of Katy was impacted by flooding, resulting in flooded homes, flooded main roads, and displaced homeless.

An estimated 150 families where helped thanks to the DRI Foundation’s donation. To provide “hope in the midst of the storm,” Higher Dimension Katy (HDK) partnered with Hope Impacts and Clothed by Faith to provide assistance to the Katy community. Hope Impacts provides hope to homeless, helpless, and under resourced people in the Katy community. Clothed by Faith’s mission provided clothing to children at risk and those living in poverty. A plan was developed to partner with community organizations, while bringing awareness to HDK as not just a place of worship but a place of compassion and resources.

Who we served:

  • Katy Residents (singles, families, elderly)
  • Displaced homeless
  • Others identified by partnering organizations

What we provide to the Katy/Richmond community:

  • Blankets
  • Socks
  • Toiletries
  • Water
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Food

How we serve the Katy community:

In addition to collecting and delivering tangible items, HDK helped with clean-up efforts for flooded subdivisions and volunteer opportunities for delivery and distribution. HDK residents came to the food bank, on Saturday, April 23rd, who were affected by flooding. HDK volunteers provided a list of resources available for food bank clients to reference if there were additional needs.

 How will this project help build resilience in communities in Katy, Texas?

To build resilience in communities in Katy, Higher Dimension will continue planning, practicing, and preparing to support individuals and families if/when events occur.

Pictures courtesy of  Higher Dimension Church

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Correction: An earlier version of this article listed the amount donated to Higher Dimension Church as $5,000. The correct amount donated by the DRI Foundation to the Higher Dimension Church is $2,000. The article has been updated.