DRI Foundation Welcomes Board Members

The DRI Foundation has announced two new additions to its board of directors: Chloe Demrovsky and Peter Renneker.

“Joining the DRI Foundation Board is a wonderful opportunity to integrate my passion for sustainable development with my professional life,” Demrovsky said. “It will enable me to share new ideas such as using impact investing as a strategy to transform post-disaster reconstruction into an opportunity for sustainable redevelopment. The DRI Foundation provides opportunities for certified professionals to offer their expertise through volunteerism, and it is my hope to help expand these programs.”

Said Renneker: “Philanthropy is rewarding on many levels. While pursuing my MBA, I had the opportunity to work with the United Way in practical application of my studies. The experience helped me grow academically, professionally, and personally. My relationship with the United Way continued beyond my studies and presented opportunities to interact and network with community and business leaders in intimate ways. Since then, I have continued my volunteerism with a number of educational and health & human service institutions. Ever since the DRI Foundation’s first Volunteer Day in 2012 I have been convinced of this organization’s potential. Affiliation with the Foundation provides business continuity professionals with opportunities to give back, grow professional networks, and contribute to meaningful preparedness, relief, and response efforts. I am eager to help the Foundation in whatever way I can.”

About Chloe Demrovsky
Demrovsky 1Demrovsky ,CBCV, is the Managing Director of Global Operations for Disaster Recovery Institute International. She has participated in on-site briefings for government bodies and international organizations as well as for visiting groups including the Moscow Mechanical Institute of Munitions, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East, and the Sino-Canadian Tech Exchange. She manages DRI’s Business Resilience Glossary and acts as International Editor for Thrive Magazine and Revista Thrive Iberoamerica. She has presented at industry conferences and events on four continents, most recently on a public-private partnerships panel at the Global Risk Forum in Davos, Switzerland and an impact investing panel at the University of San Diego’s Leadership for Peace and Prosperity Conference.

Outside of DRI, she is an Adjunct Professor at New York University teaching a course in public-private partnerships. Her independent work focuses on private sector solutions for poverty alleviation and social inclusion. She conducted research on economic liberalization policy in India, designed a market research survey for a non-governmental organization in Kenya, and was a member of a climate change think tank for the United Nations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bard College at Simon’s Rock and a Master’s in International Business from NYU.

About Pete Renneker
Renneker is the Americas Manager for Cybersecurity Business Continuity Services at Computer Sciences CorporaNew Picture (15)tion (CSC). In this role he is responsible for managing all Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery products, services, staff, delivery, and sales pursuit operations for the Americas region. With 13 years of business continuity and disaster recovery experience, he has built and supported risk management programs worldwide for commercial and non-profit clients in the financial services, manufacturing, health services, chemical, energy, natural resources, and aerospace industry sectors.

In his personal time, Renneker volunteers with a number of educational and health & human service institutions. His roles include MBA Advisor to students at The University of Dayton, independent review committee member for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1600 Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, and multiple positions with local chapters of the United Way. Pete holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dayton.