How Can You Help? Give!

For those among you who are moved to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, we urge you to consider giving generously to the charity of your choice. We also caution you to be wary of charity scams that are already cro????pping up in Sandy’s wake. Here are a few suggestions of organizations you can give to with confidence:

The American Red Cross: The Red Cross is in need of monetary donations as well as donations of blood and platelets to aid its Hurricane Sandy response efforts.

DRI International Foundation: For many, the rebuilding after a disaster is just as significant as the immediate disaster itself. The Disaster Recovery International Foundation was established out of a need to address that concern. Its aim is to help organizations and communities impacted by disaster engage with relief organizations worldwide efficiently and effectively in order to begin the recovery process as soon as possible.

The ASPCA: Our furry (and feathered) friends need a hand too. Consider donating to the ASPCA and visit their site to find out how they are helping animals affected by Sandy and to read about two adoptions that actually occurred during the storm!