A New Leaf

Clydes Corner  A New Leaf Oct 12 2012

The fun thing about writing this column is that many of my old friends, former colleagues, new-found friends (especially those of you who volunteered last May in New Orleans) get in touch with me via my DRI International Foundation e-mail address. Many of you want to know more about the volunteer opportunities at our Philadelphia conference in June, 2013. Some of you have written to offer suggestions and to wonder out loud where we will seek to do good things to help those in need in the Philadelphia area.

Although the details are not finalized, please rest assured that we will have construction projects, volunteer opportunities with local food banks, assistance at local community gardens and suggestions for ‘on your own’ rewarding activities before and after the conference. Our Volunteer Day last year was a success by any measure. I was particularly impressed that more than 75 individuals took part in the effort. This year, I’m challenging myself, and all of you, to beat that number. So, please plan to join us for a rewarding and meaningful day – you won’t be sorry.

As the fall season gets into full swing in the Northeast with the reds and yellows of changing leaves, why not consider turning over a new leaf? Get certified, volunteer to help out, take a class, attend the DRII conference, write an article, share your knowledge, sponsor a BC event at work, show support for the DRI Foundation, or just be a cheerleader for the good work we as BC practitioners do each day.

As I wander the back-roads of Vermont and seek the perfect fall foliage photo, I ponder my own career as a BCP guy – turning over new leafs as the leaves fall around me. I am determined to further my education, meet new people with a common passion, teach a new class or two, give a new presentation, write a strategic vision statement for a new client, and ultimately figure out how I can best be a good ambassador for what we do to “keep the lights on.”

I am fortunate to have a good network of BCP buddies who provide meaningful insight into where our profession is headed and how we need to support the ever increasing need to be smarter, swifter, and more creative when developing viable strategies to respond to growing outage types. Please join a local chapter of a BC organization, come to our conference, and focus on that which you can influence, change or correct. Ignore that which you cannot fix and focus on the attainable not the impossible.

Take time for yourself this year. While you and your boss are preparing your 2013 budget, make sure you have money allocated for this informative conference, the best volunteer day by any BC organization, the most diverse group of BCP individuals, the best conference “getting to know you” sessions and gatherings, and most importantly…the city of Brotherly Love.

Have a great week,

Director of Volunteerism and Vice President