Going Once! Going Twice! DRI Foundation’sOnline Charity Auction!

Forget once or twice, go as many times as you’d like! The DRI International Foundation’s online auction opens Monday, April 16, and there’s so much cool stuff up for grabs, that you’ll have a hard time choosing. The auction benefits the DRI International Foundation, which funds a variety of worthwhile projects (like the May 19, Volunteer Day in New Orleans!)

More about the Foundation below, but right now, the fun stuff! You can bid on any number of items (cheGoing Once! Going Twice! DRI Foundation's Online Charity Auction!ck back often because new auction items are being added all the time!). There’s sports memorabilia (a Superbowl XLVI football signed by Eli Manning, autographed Detroit Pistons items, autographed hickey pucks from a bunch of teams, and more baseball and football items too!). There are destination packages (vacations in Cancun or Antigua, golf packages, wine tastings, a hot air balloon ride) and lots of tickets to museums, theater performances, and more! You can even bid on a tour of the New York Stock Exchange and dine in the stock exchange’s restaurant! There’s not room enough in an entire issue of Drive to list all of the incredible auction items, so  click here to check them out for yourself! And then bid on Monday!

The Disaster Recovery International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to promote professional and personal preparedness; promulgate response and recovery practices through proactive and real time engagement with organizations, individuals and communities; liaise with relief organizations on behalf of businesses and communities impacted by a disaster to expedite the response and focus of aid during or after an event; and, provide volunteer opportu
nities business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency management professionals everywhere.