Beyond the Cookie Break …and All About That New Orleans Boogaloo

New Orleans is a terrific place to attend a conference, and DRI2012 is a terrific conference – one that provides an amazing opportunity for you to hear presentations from the leaders in your field.

This is not one of those conferences where the cookie break is the highlight of your day.

This is not one of those conferences where you sit sheepishly near an exit door and bolt as the speaker drones on about some inane and useless topic.
Clyde's Corner: Beyond the Cookie Break ...and All About That New Orleans Boogaloo
This won’t be a conference where nobody says hello to you if it’s your first venture out into the world of BCP conferences.

This is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill conference. And by now, you must know that.

This first-ever DRI International conference is a confluence of the best in your line of work. These folks are not only smart; they are experienced and willing to share their knowledge and recovery stories. The knowledge you get, the networking opportunities that are available to you, the conference venue, the excitement, the opportunity to do some giving back via the volunteer day, the camaraderie amongst your peers, and the joyous atmosphere of the city of New Orleans, make this an experience you will remember long after you leave a fantastic conference and a funky city behind.

I have had the distinct pleasure of being in the BCP business for more than 20 years. I have been fortunate enough to have some of the best BCP practitioners work on my teams. I have mentored many and encouraged all to get certified by DRI International and to attend conferences with an eagerness to learn. And along my journey I have also attended many different conferences in many cities hosted by many different groups. I have presented at some of these conferences, and I know that keeping it real, connecting on various levels, and having a genuine passion for excellence is the key to successful BC planning. In my humble opinion, the speakers at our conference have that passion.

And this is just my opinion too (and I may be a bit biased), but DRI2012 is the one conference to attend in 2012, if you get just one.

But enough about the DRI2012, and back to New Orleans – our host city — for a final thought.

Although the conference networking kicks off Sunday night and the presentations begin on Monday morning, I know many of you are coming in early to volunteer with us on Saturday and that you also want to experience the music, the food, and the energy that New Orleans has to offer. So, how about going to a music festival the first weekend you are in town. From May 18-20, you can dance, eat local food, and listen to the music that makes this region great. All for no charge – that’s right, free – just show up and have fun. How can you beat that? The  Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo Festival is “a free admission music festival in Mid City, the heart of the City of New Orleans, held on the banks of the beautiful and historic Bayou St. John. The spirit of the festival captures the spirit of this diverse and historic neighborhood. It is a family friendly cultural event that celebrates the heritage of New Orleans music, New Orleans cuisine, and New Orleans culture,” according to the event website.

Over 20,000 people attended the event last year enjoying live music from three stages, dining on local food, sampling local culture and an art market comprised of local artists. The festival features live music stages, both acoustic and electric with a wide variety of musical genres including New Orleans roots in Blues, Jazz , Funk, Cajun, Zydeco, Latin, Brass, Country, Alternative, Hip Hop and Rock.

Next week, I will chat more about the music festival scene in New Orleans and the excitement and meaning of Mardis Gras.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in New Orleans.

All the best,

Clyde Berger
DRI International Foundation
Director of Volunteerism